Wrestling With God – Good News for July 7

7 07 2009

Genesis 32: 23-31

In the course of the night, Jacob arose, took his family, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. After he had taken them across the stream and had brought over all his possessions, Jacob was left there alone.

Then some man wrestled with him until the break of dawn. When the man saw that he could not prevail over him, he struck Jacob’s hip at its socket, so that the hip socket was wrenched as they wrestled. 

The man then said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob said, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” 

The man asked, “What is your name?” He answered, “Jacob.”

Then the man said, “You shall no longer be spoken of as Jacob, but as Israel, because you have contended with divine and human beings and have prevailed.” Jacob then asked him, “Do tell me your name, please.”

He answered, “Why should you want to know my name?” With that, he bade him farewell.

Jacob named the place Peniel, “Because I have seen God face to face,” he said, “yet my life has been spared.”

The Daily Path: Another timely message that reminds me of how important it is to read Scripture as a regular part of our faith journey. If I may take the “Me” outlook, it would appear that today’s reading from Genesis is targeted square at me.

Recent weeks have provided one struggle after another. Not unlike Jacob, I feel as if I have been wrestling. What I didn’t really grasp until this moment is that God has been wrestling with me in the sense that He has placed these challenges in my life. Once again, God wants my attention. As always, there is purpose in this. 

Yesterday, I took some time to visit a chapel where I go to talk with Mother Mary. (When I was an infant, my parents “gave” me to Mary.) I usually sit before the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with whom I have felt a special bond ever since I was very young. During my prayers I dropped to my knees and tearfully begged her to petition Jesus to show me through this difficult time. I know she was listening because when I left the chapel the great anxiety carried inside of me had calmed. 

This morning I see that a message has been sent in answer to my prayers. Yes, I am wrestling at the moment, but in the struggle is the hand of God. I will continue to fight through this. I will not be overcome. I must endure all of this to find what God has intended for me.

Today’s passage is comforting and instills greater resolve to carry on down the road ahead of me. 

Room to Chat: Lord, my challenges pale in comparison to those being faced by countless others on this earth. Yet, in your wisdom you know our limits, just as you knew Jacobs. Thank you for even taking time to provide these hurdles through which I will ultimately draw closer to You.

Thank you, Mother Mary.




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