What’s The Rush? – Good News for December 17

17 12 2009

Matthew 1:1-17

Thus the total number of generations from Abraham to David is fourteen generations; from David to the Babylonian exile, fourteen generations; from the Babylonian exile to the Christ, fourteen generations.

The Daily Path: Obviously, a lot of time passed between Abraham’s trials and the arrival of the Savior. Anyone in between who felt impatient couldn’t have fared very well. “Oh, calm down, Stan! There’s another 400 years before he arrives. Go feed the goats.”

So as you’re busy rushing about this Advent season, try to slow down. Be patient with those who are “in your way”. Relax. Improve the moment. Find joy in the moment or you’ll miss everything.

Now smile and go feed the goats!



One response

20 12 2009
Carolina Maine

Ha! I think that is why Jesus told us that this generation would have no sign–to help us learn patience–even in darkness.

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