Reconciliation Day – Good News for June 10

10 06 2010

Matthew 5:20-26

Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you, unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

“You have heard that it was said to your ancestors,

You shall not kill; and whoever kills will be liable to judgment.

But I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment, and whoever says to his brother, ‘Raqa,’ will be answerable to the Sanhedrin, and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ will be liable to fiery Gehenna.

Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

Settle with your opponent quickly while on the way to court with him. Otherwise your opponent will hand you over to the judge, and the judge will hand you over to the guard, and you will be thrown into prison.

Amen, I say to you, you will not be released until you have paid the last penny.”

The Daily Path: Do you think about making up with someone with whom you’ve had a falling out? I do. The problem is actually doing it. Maybe it would easier to get the ball rolling if we designated a World Reconciliation Day and see what happens. Hmmm… time for a Google.

Well guess what I found? There is actually such a thing as Reconciliation Day. It’s on October 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi – patron saint of human relations. Here’s a link to the Reconciliation Day website:

Reconciliation Day – October 4

Looks like this was started as a project of the Interfaith Forum of Columbus, Indiana. Leave it to those Hoosiers!

Friends, lets keep this day in mind.



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