Anyone Home? – Good News for August 16

16 08 2010

Ezekiel 24:15

The word of the Lord came to me…

The Daily Path: I realize today’s GNTG isn’t exactly what you’ve come to expect in terms of a daily gospel reading, but these words jumped off the page at me. “The word of the Lord came to me.”

This was my experience. As unusual as it might sound, God reached out to me on the radio. I think God sends out his word to everyone – EVERY DAY – in ways we couldn’t put a number to. Words, images, experiences. I think God uses them all to call us home. The challenge is in the ability to open our eyes, minds and hearts to catch it.

Be vigilant. Look and listen for the Word. If you don’t catch it in the course of the day – you may be too busy trying to find success – reflect on it tonight in a quiet moment. Perhaps as you drift off to sleep?

Knock! Knock! “God here. Is anyone home today?”




One response

20 08 2010
Joel O'Camb

I find myself catching up on the last seven days of GNTG and when I read this the words truely hit home that in “driving the bus” forward, I have neglected my soul and the Christianity of everyone around me. Today is starting much happier as I open my heart, listen to the Lord and see his glory in everything around me, most importantly my family and fellow humans.

Thanks be to God. Please pray for me that I may never forget again.

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