ABOUT: Good News To-Go!

Having difficulty finding time for Christ in your daily life?

You’re not alone, my friend. In this fast age of ever increasing demands and diversions, we struggle to keep God close… even for a few moments.

But there is good news, in fact, now there is Good News To-Go! 

Good News To-Go! is designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to get God back in your daily life. This blog series features the Gospel reading for the day. Reading the Scripture only takes a minute or two. What better way to remind yourself that Jesus is always there and ready to bring His love into your digital lifestyle. 

Good News To-Go! is an Express Lane for feeding your soul. No lines. No waiting. God’s the chef and your order is always ready!

Spend a few moments with Christ. Come to the banquet. Let Good News To-Go! become part of your daily routine. I believe you’ll find contemplating Jesus to be anything but routine and hopefully an indispensable part of your day.

Good News To-Go! is also cheaper than Starbucks! Come to think of it, I’ll bet Jesus would enjoy sharing time with you over that morning cup of coffee. Why not give it a try?




“I’m a cradle Catholic (born and baptized into the Roman Catholic faith) with twelve years of Catholic education under my green parochial school uniform sweater. After high school I was drawn away from active participation in the Catholic Church. Gradually my eyes and ears became closed to the official messaging. I “broke up” with the Church because she didn’t offer anything I was interested in at that time.

While I was no longer dating the Church, there was still a connection to Christ. Like a lover who won’t go away, Jesus had a plan. In my mind “we’d still be friends,” but I was off to experience all that the wilderness of life on earth would offer. And that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward 30 years. At the pinnacle of my secular success, with a beautiful wife and wonderful family to care for, I was struck down. First, I was “nudged” into a new career path. That move ultimately led to some serious health issues. Suddenly my world turned upside down I was rethinking everything.

I knew I couldn’t continue in the corporate existence in a job I’d grown to hate. After many sleepless nights and with the support of my incredible wife, I decided to leave. We put everything at risk so I could start my own empire. But that’s another story.

Here is what’s important…

One day, while driving back to Silicon Valley from Los Angeles, I picked up a faint AM radio station transmitting from somewhere in California’s Central Valley. Lodged between thundering mariachi music and that ubiquitous fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist programming was a broadcast of the Roman Catholic Mass. Rather than changing the channel, I felt inspired to listen. And that’s just what I did until that tiny signal was out of range. Christ reached out to me when He knew I could hear.

That “chance” occurrence led me back to the Church I’d broken up with so many years before.

I’ve come to realize that this event was much more than chance. It was part of God’s game plan for me. No my friends, that little radio broadcast and all that preceded it was NOT mere coincidence. It was actually a collect phone call… direct from Jesus. This time I accepted the charges.”

3 responses

1 03 2009

God is amazingly good. Thank you for being vulnerable. I can’t wait to sit down with you over a cup of coffee or glass of wine!

3 10 2009
Carolina Maine

This is why I love Catholicism–when people allow themselves to be vulnerable to others–they are in the spirit of Christ as he was vulnerable to us–Thanks, Daniel for being so observant and thanks, Kin, for your awesome blog and story–I’m adding you to my blogroll:)

Peace be with you both!

14 03 2009

To dwell in God’s grace is a wondrous thing. Thank you for sharing your stories and also for having the courage to share them far and wide. I’ve come here from Wales (in between the Wales vs Italy rugby) to visit your site. Thank you for your comments on mine. May your time alone with God be peaceful and may you continue to open your heart to what He is asking you to do and fill you with the courage you will need, and that you continue to be a shining example to all those you touch by your words and spirit.x

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