Advent Day 20 – Good News for December 17

17 12 2010

The Daily Path: Today’s reflection is from Richard Rohr’s Preparing for Christmas.

First World cultures tend to think that more is better.  I am told that busyness is actually a status symbol for us!  It is strange that when people have so much, they are so anxious about not having enough—to do, to see, to own, to fix, to control, to change.

What decreases in a culture of affluence is precisely and strangely time(in spite of our many “time-saving” devices)—along with wisdom and friendship.  These are the very things that the human heart was created for, that the human heart feeds on and lives for.  No wonder we are producing so many depressed, unhealthy and even violent people, while leaving a huge carbon footprint on this poor planet for the following generations.

Ain’t it the truth?!

Slow down today. Give up some control. Let it go. And when you do, look for God in that moment.