Are Lives Being Changed? – Good News for October 23

23 10 2009

Psalms 119:77

Show me your compassion that I may live.

The Daily Path: Eight simple words that reveal so much.

Reflections: I’d like to share a snippet from Fr. Richard Rohr’s commentary on what he calls The Emerging Church.

“Another exciting piece of Emerging Christianity is that, really for the first time, we’ve stopped idealizing or being preoccupied with the top. We have turned to a search for actual gifts, real service, and proven holiness. What we need now is simple competence in doing the job of revealing, healing, and reconciling this pained humanity and this suffering world.

The first question is not, “Is she trained in theology?” or “Is he ordained?” The first question is “Can she do the job? Is he changing lives? Is it working?”

For centuries we have argued about bishops, ministers, priests, and protocol, with few results and more divisions. Now we realize that it is simple competence and holiness that finally matters. Are lives being changed? Are people meeting God, themselves, and one another in good and healing ways? All the rest is window dressing. Jesus had legitimization from no formal institution, but he sure did the job.”

In my own experience, it’s always been the living examples of Christ’s compassion and forgiveness that draws me closer. Meanwhile, management has often had the opposite affect.

Jesus changed lives.